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61 Days to Sell a Property in Harrogate

61 Days to Sell a Property in Harrogate

Whether you are a Harrogate landlord looking to liquidate your buy-to-let investment or a Harrogate homeowner looking to sell your home, finding a buyer and then getting the legal work done can take a frustratingly long time.   It is a step-by-step process that can take many months.   One of the worst parts of… Read more »

The Harrogate Property Market Report for March 2024

As a practised estate and lettings agent based in Harrogate, we like to monitor the Harrogate property market, compare it to the UK property market, and then share it with Harrogate homeowners and landlords. For February 2024, the UK property market has seen a continuation of the solid start in the first month of the… Read more »

The 5 Step Process to Decluttering Your Harrogate Home to Sell

This is our five-step decluttering guide to greatly aid Harrogate homeowners in both enhancing their living space and boosting their property’s appeal to potential buyers. Here’s our structured plan that progresses from simple to more challenging tasks: Step 1: Start with Surface Clutter Begin by tackling the visible clutter on surfaces such as tables, kitchen… Read more »

­How has the Spring Budget affected Harrogate Homeowners and Landlords?

The Spring Budget 2024 this afternoon has introduced some changes that could significantly influence your Harrogate property strategies and investment outcomes. Here’s a comprehensive mini-update: Capital Gains Tax Cut: A major highlight is the reduction in the higher rate of property Capital Gains Tax from 28% to 24%. This tax is applicable when you profit… Read more »

A Landlords Journey

For many folk property investments are a very important part of their financial planning for wealth generation, security, and future retirement although often centred in their own home can also extend to additional properties. The introduction of BTL (Buy-To-Let) mortgages around 25 years ago marked a significant step change in planning and presented opportunities for… Read more »

Falling mortgage costs could trigger 2024 housing bounce – claim


Knight Frank says a reduction in mortgage costs as early as February – or perhaps more likely in Q2 next year – could trigger a housing market bounce. The agency, which also has a mortgage arm, says there’s no shortage of reasons for buyers and sellers to feel hesitant at the moment. This follows mortgage… Read more »

Zoopla’s Latest House Price Index: Key Insights into the UK Property Market

As the year comes to a close and another is in reach, we know that many people within Harrogate have been asking us about the state of the current property market. One of the House Price Indexes that is worth reviewing is Zoopla’s, which just released its latest findings on 30 October. Zoopla’s previous housing… Read more »

The Harrogate Marketplace – state of play.

On a UK wide basis, homeowners and potential investors continue to be bombarded by our media on a daily basis with alarming reports of falling house prices, coupled to high-interest rates and the possibility of negative equity. Bad news sells newspapers! It is fair to say that in certain parts of the country, the property… Read more »

Bungalows in Harrogate

You will understand that we are very regularly asked about the pros and cons of buying a Bungalow. There are around 2 million Bungalows in the UK and most were built over the years following the Second World War on big plots with a pronounced slow down since the nineties until nowadays they account for… Read more »