Bungalows in Harrogate

You will understand that we are very regularly asked about the pros and cons of buying a Bungalow.

There are around 2 million Bungalows in the UK and most were built over the years following the Second World War on big plots with a pronounced slow down since the nineties until nowadays they account for only 2 % of all new builds per annum.

Bungalows are ‘land hungry’ that Developers/Builders just don’t tend to build them, and so the iron rules of supply & demand apply. Good Bungalows tend to be scarce and attract premium prices, especially new builds.

The main proviso here however is that much older properties can require significant improvement/modernisation (into open-plan living) which needs to be properly costed into the purchase price.

Some things have not changed since Covid. Bungalows are especially suitable for more mature owners or ones with mobility issues and they are ‘age-proofed’ in contrast to say Town houses arranged over three floors with stairs.

Our Detached bungalows tend to sit on very large plots made private by the planting of hedges & trees. If there are adjacent Bungalows then there is certainly no overlooking. Set against that there could be a security question for a single-story/ground-floor property. Here we take the view that with modern alarms, even cameras, in our quiet neighbourhoods, any risks are small.

Single-story properties are easier and less expensive to repair and maintain. Windows can be cleaned and gutters cleared without too much trouble.

So what changed post-Covid – Everything! What are the trends?

  • More couples/families are downsizing to Bungalows and a lot more folk are working from home.
  • Forget the idea that only retired couples buy Bungalows, young couples seeking a new home without the expense of buying and running a big detached property are now in the market.
  • Sky-high Mortgage rates and Energy bills are shaping the marketplace.
  • Our detached bungalows often come on very big plots and have pitched roofs, so you can extend and create more living/office space – as well as adding significant value.

There you have it, these are the reasons why Bungalows are sometimes considered more of a Bridesmaid than a Bride in our market have seldom been more popular.


Finally, we love Bungalows and encourage any homeowners considering a sale in the next 6 to 12 months and those looking to purchase their dream bungalow to contact us to discuss the above.



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