Harrogate Mystery! Do you know Janet?

If you’re an avid reader of the Harrogate Advertiser, the story of Janet will most certainly have piqued your interest. The story is even more intriguing for all of us at Myrings as back in 1982 we sold the home involved in this fascinating story,  41 St Catherines Road, to the current owner.


Local builder Nick Bland moved into his house and began the process of redecorating, whilst removing the paper from the hallway he discovered a message left by young teenager named Janet in July 1960.

Nick Bland moved into his new house and set about redecorating the hallway when he made the startling discovery hidden behind layers of wallpaper.

The message included instructions to find hidden treasure! Janet then goes on to discusses her favourite singer, Cliff Richard, and her best subjects in school, English literature, English language, French, maths, physics, chemistry, biology and domestic science.

Mr Bland said he was surprised to find the message still intact.

He said: “I have teenagers and myself and it makes you realise things never change.

Teenagers still like to talk about their school grades, music and who their favourite bands are.”

He added: “It’s nice to find something like this.”

Mr Bland is now hoping to track down Janet Durance and find out if she is still living in the Harrogate area. She will be 71-years-old now and Mr Blanc said he would love to meet her and hear about her memories from her childhood home.

Janet’s Message

“My name is Janet Durance, I am 16 years old. I was born on the 27th April 1944. The date today is the 29th of July 1960. I am a fan of Cliff Richard, a rock & roll singer. I like horse riding and go to Woodwards riding stables in Spofforth. I got to Knaresborough Grammar School and have just taken my exams. I passed in six subjects. I have a brother of 11 years and a sister of 13 years. For treasure look under the grate in the the back bedroom where £6-7-2-1/2 is hidden.”

So wonderful residents of Harrogate, do you know Janet?


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