#HomesnotHouses: Behind Our Ethos

The signature of Myrings Estate Agents Ltd here in Harrogate is #HomesnotHouses.

In the run up to May’s General Election, all the main Political parties have been falling over themselves to suggest bold, imaginative and (quite often) costly new ways for taxpayers to address the severe shortage of housing in Britain.

It’s only during politically charged times that new ideas on housing reforms make national headline news, and such ideas are not usually such a popular topic for Westminster politicians (just witness the rapid turnaround of housing ministers over the years!).

It is people’s homes that the politicians are talking about – not numbers, statistics and targets.

Politicians need to be incredibly mindful and aware when considering housing matters and developing new housing policies. This is our industry and we hold a high respect for it.

Our homes are very important to us. Home is where we return in the evening to rest and relax. It is where we keep our possessions and is where we should feel safe and comfortable. It’s where we look after our families.

The importance of having a home is also emphasised by the severe consequences of not having a home. It is almost impossible for the homeless to obtain or retain employment, and sadly many people once made homeless, struggle to enjoy a “conventional” life.

The standard of our homes is important. Poor housing leads to poor health for its occupants, children do less well at school (which impacts on the overall economy when they reach working age) and the costs to the NHS increase.

Its an extremely complex subject and a severe situation that cannot be easily improved. Whilst the parties battle it out, we continue to provide and enable our customers to have #HomesnotHouses; whether they are a first time buyer, a new landlord or selling a mansion. Click here to chat to use today.


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