Should I let my property to a Pet Owner?

We are quite often asked this question and this is hardly surprising given that around half of the UK population own a pet. It’s fair to say that a great many Landlords are reluctant to accept pets and in fact an instruction to manage a property can have a “ no smokers or pets “ as an initial default position. We understand our Landlords concerns – they are very real – but , according to individual circumstances ,we suggest that they closely consider the effect of the blanket “ no pets “ exclusion.

In our experience it is true to say that agreeing to accept certain clearly identified pets can help a Landlord to significantly increase their monthly rental income / return on investment for the following reasons:

  • The pool of prospective tenants is almost doubled.
  • You are more likely to let your property quickly (and avoid void periods ).
  • Pet owners will usually pay a larger deposit or “pet premium” due to the scarcity of properties that accept pets.
  • Pet owners are more likely to stay longer in a property and fully understand that they need to cover additional steam cleaning costs when they leave in addition to agreeing ” Pet Disclaimer “ clauses in the AST ( Assured Shorthold Tenancy)

The clauses need not be onerous for either the Landlord or the Tenant  – here are examples

“It is further agreed between the Landlord and Tenant that the Landlord grants permission for the Tenant to keep a pet {insert animal type and breed} named {insert animal name} (“The Pet”) in The Property for the duration of the Tenancy. The Tenant agrees not to keep or permit to be kept on the Property any further pets or animals of any description without the previous consent in writing of the Landlord.”

A clause related to damage and cleaning of the property at the end of the tenancy:

“The Tenant hereby undertakes and agrees to remedy and pay for any damage caused to The Property and/or contents of The Property which shall have been caused by The Pet residing in The Property. For the avoidance of doubt any such damage shall not be deemed to be fair wear and tear.“

“The Tenant agrees to pay for the professional cleaning of the property at the end of The Tenancy including the cleaning of all carpets and treating the property for fleas and mites.

It is of course not always down to the decision of a Landlord. There can be some reasons why pets – as per house cats & dogs – cannot be accommodated. There can be covenants within the existing terms of a lease (which already provides for “no damage”) in an apartment block. These covenants would not usually apply to goldfish / budgies or hamsters.

Cat-owning tenants should confirm that a “scratching post” will be provided. The Inventory officer  should also pay particular attention to “ at risk “ scratchable areas. Not all dogs moult, and not all dogs bark. Indeed, having a dog that barks very occasionally can increase security in the area.

A written reference from a previous Landlord by the tenant is helpful , and we would recommend that Landlords or their Lettings Agent always meet the pet first ahead of any decisions.

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