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Let our lettings and property management teams help you get the best out of your property, now and in the years to come. For more information or to discuss your requirements – please contact the lettings team on 01423 569007 or email:

Myrings Lettings

We know Harrogate and the surrounding villages very well indeed.

Over the past twenty years we have worked hard to build up huge listings of contacts, to include many former clients , and details of numerous professional associates.

This information is stored in our databases which can be searched using the best software system available in our industry.

We already know many of the best tenants and are in a position to provide expert advice on the local market and realistic rentable values. We can also explain how to minimise void periods.

We work to a strict code of practice and are well informed in respect of the latest health & safety, as well as, financial regulations.

Good presentation of your property is important and we can help here as required. We provide expert advice on every aspect of renting , insurance as well as identifying which costs maybe offset against a tax bill.

For more information on the above and how to find the perfect tenant contact our lettings team on 01423 569007.