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Report a Problem!

Our reporting system is now powered by Please follow the links below to download the app or visit the website.

What can I use the app for?

Our free app is a valuable tool that can help you view everything you need to know about every property in your portfolio, all in one place. With our app, you can:

  • View key information on each of your properties in one place.
  • Easily view a history of statements for each of your properties.
  • Create a shareable income report for a custom date range.
  • View all on-going and completed maintenance jobs, starting from 1st April 2024. Jobs prior to this date will be stored in our old software “Fixflo”.
  • Receive alerts and approve maintenance requests with just a few taps.

How do I download the app?

Our app is powered by “Street” and is available to download for free on Apple and Android smartphones.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Or visit