A Year in Review: 2020

As we stand today at the start of the new year and survey the place we call home in Harrogate Town and District we look up and see more Covid thunder clouds gathering overhead. We now know that the next few months will be very difficult for everyone and can only hope and pray that the mass vaccination program can be quickly and successfully rolled out. In all this we are thankfully bolstered by the knowledge of the selfless, courageous work done locally last year in our Care Homes, Hospitals and Schools coupled to the steadiness and steadfastness of all us North Yorkshire folk.

From a property perspective alone 2020 was a very successful year for Myrings in both Residential Sales and Rentals. Once again the ‘Teflon Town’ of the frozen north defied the national picture with strong demand and robust Selling Prices and Rents. We for our part sold a record number of good quality homes in every price band ranging from delightful two bed Cottages to magnificent Country houses standing in their own grounds. In the same way we held fast to our principles of working with good Landlords/Properties which of course automatically then attracted good tenants happy to pay realistic and fair rents. This philosophy also extended to our tradesmen partners we used to service (repair & maintain) our clients properties.

None of this would have been possible without the splendid efforts of our teams particularly during the two lockdowns. The individual teams determination and professionalism continues to impress and inspire everyone and we would like to thank them  for their hard work throughout the year and the amazing way they expertly managed everything which was thrown at them .Last year also brought two new additions into the Myrings teams– with Libby joining us in Sales and Will in Lettings. Another addition to the team last year was Mr. Andrew Vickers from DragonFly Financial Services  – our independent /whole of market Mortgage adviser, financial guru and Arsenal fan.  Whilst we are busy thanking our teams we also want to especially thank our clients for their support and understanding last year. It has been a pleasure to work with them and we appreciated that they cheerfully maintained social distances and worn face coverings on viewings and valuations etc.

We are now looking forward to 2021 – a new year with lots of challenges but we also believe lots of opportunities for all parties as far as the local property marketplace is concerned. Demand for good homes is strong and in several sectors still greatly exceeds supply in both Sales and Lettings. Semi – Detached and Detached homes with garaging and good outdoor space are attracting sales / rent premiums and our expectation is that average house selling prices here will increase by around 5 % this year. Some property gurus say that the ending of the Stamp Duty holiday on the 31st March will depress the UK housing marketplace. We don’t share this opinion. Our local Sales marketplace was surging before the stamp duty holiday was even announced although it was in truth further accelerated by the Chancellors taxation relief. It is also entirely possible that the Stamp Duty holiday will be extended at the end of March and in a similar way it’s possible that recent reforms of the ‘Help To Buy’ reliefs on new builds will also be reinstated. In all this all the mainstream Lenders are all anxious to lend and great cheap / fixed rate mortgage deals abound (just ask Andrew – the Arsenal fan) – albeit that the Lenders do now stress test their loans to borrowers more rigorously.

Now as we head into January and a new year we would just like to say thank you again to all our clients and friends and that we hope that you and your families all remain safe and well.

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